Do you want more peace and less anxiety? Then “Is Fear Keeping You Poor?” is for you.


In a hands-on approach, as used by Catherine's clients over the past 20 years. It shows you the techniques you need right now, so that you can combat your fears and can move forward.


No matter what age you are or which country you live in you no longer need to be gripped by inaction when the next big challenge comes along - or waste money on sometimes questionable counselling sessions again.


Whether you are:


Experiencing fear because our world has been turned upside down in 2020.


You feel you lack the confidence to do what you know you need to do to make life go right.


Scared that you may not pull off the next deal.


Sabotaging yourself because of a fear that’s holding you back from accomplishing what you deserve in life.


You'll discover the antidote techniques you need to truly develop your own potential!


You’ve waited long enough.


Overcome your fears.


Live the life you were born to live.







"Catherine, who I am today is a totally different person to the one who first came across your work on Fear. Even as an action-orientated achiever, I was directionless in some areas.

Now I can handle Fear and stress as they come up and you have enabled me to far more easily take the actions necessary to move me towards my dreams.

I am now achieving the goals and realizing some of my mightiest dreams that I once thought were beyond my reach. Your work has been a godsend. Thank you."


Arina Aoina, CEO, Perth, Western Australia


“Catherine, your Fear ebook is the absolute best I’ve come across to help me overcome my fear as a stock trader.

On many occasions in the past I was totally gripped by fear and sat there watching prices drop, completely frozen and unable to take action. As a result, my losses at that time mounted to literally tens of thousands of dollars, unnecessarily wiped off in front of my eyes.

I nearly quit altogether. However, your Fear package arrived at the right time. It is the first resource I’ve ever found that completely helped me understand my emotions and mental blocks that were holding me back.

Even better, it then gave me a series of simple, yet powerful, action steps I could follow to overcome my problem.

It was like having a coach sitting right beside me, guiding my thoughts. The turnaround in my ability to handle fear and subsequent performance as a result has been incredible. Thank you!”


Geoffrey Barnes, Wisconsin, USA


“I realised my truth around “being safe”. My use of the word “safe” was a justification for staying within my cozy comfort zone.

I knew everything about my comfort zone; there were no unknowns; I knew the boundaries of my box; I could predict what’s going to happen; I could be in control

For me, ‘safe’ was my covert way for agreeing with the status quo that being average or mediocre was acceptable, so I had downsized my goals and dreams…”


Carmel George, Investor, Brisbane, Australia


"I have realized many of the fears that have been limiting my ability to achieve my goals in my life and you have given me great tools on how to work on clearing away these fears. Great work Catherine."


Shannon Borello, Trader, Brisbane, Australia



Don't wait another minute to start making positive, lasting change in your life.

Get this landmark book today!


Is Fear Keeping You Poor? Ebook

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