"We are here for everyone that is tired of the information overload,

the smoke and mirrors and empty promises about personal

growth and change.

It’s for those of you who want change and are willing to invest time

and energy into themselves.

It's for those that want to experience sustainable change.

No more big highs --feeling awesome and expanded and

then falling flat on your face. 

We are committed to those who are tired of the gimmicks and false

promises of transformation."

--- Catherine Taylor

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Our work was created out of a commitment to bring about a breakthrough

—a shift in what’s possible in being human. We create the space in which those breakthroughs can occur.

Our programs are presented in a way that leads to discussions that are 

engaging, empowering, and that produce extraordinary results for all participants.

Both Catherine and Brent are well known for their ability to communicate

and the power of the material they present to transform lives.

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We are taught that we need to compromise, struggle, act small or work hard in order to just even survive.

We are bombarded with reminders that we are not good enough, should have, could have, would have.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

It is possible to live a life that feels aligned with one’s values. 

It is possible to feel peaceful during hard times, to deepen one’s sense of self while living a more expansive life, to create businesses and organizations that work for everyone involved.

It is possible to be happy and relaxed and in life. Right now.

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Don’t fly solo!

Join us and a group of amazing people who want the

best for themselves, their loved ones, and the world.

Keep an eye out for your free gift, a thank you for joining us here and your commitment to your growth.

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